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Most programs on the market today brag on the variety of different diets and exercise programs they offer. They leave it to the client to pick and choose what they want to follow which can lead to nothing but confusion. Fact is there is only one program that will work for you and that's a program that is custom designed by a real professional that specializes in weight loss, health, and fitness. You need a program that will work for your particular body type, age, lifestyle, current level of fitness, current metabolism, eating habits, time limitations, and much more. Having a professionally designed program tailored to fit you is the only real optimal way to lose weight, improve your fitness level, get healthier, and maintain it all for the rest of your life. Other ways are nothing more than temporary fixes that will leave you feeling deprived and disappointed.

If you really want to succeed at achieving your health and fitness goals it's easy to get started with your FREE consultation! Johnnie D Jackow Sr. has been helping men and women of all ages from all over the world directly over the internet now for 10 years and he can definitely help you. Get started now with your FREE consultation and Johnnie will personally respond within 24 hours to let you know if he is able to help you. If so, he will give you complete details on how to get started with a professionally designed program that is unique to your personal needs.

Get a professionally designed program from 2 time author and fitness expert, Johnnie D Jackow Sr.. Johnnie has been online now since 1997 helping people from all over the world achieve their fitness goals. He personally designs each and every program and he is the only person you will ever come into contact with once you become a client. Read More....

All diets are designed based on your unique profile. Johnnie uses the same state of the art software that certified nutritionists and dieticians use so you can be sure you receive a diet program that will work for your particular fitness goals. All you have to do is follow his instructions and see great results week after week. Your progress will be continuously monitored and changes will be made to your diet on a weekly basis if necessary.

Including exercise in your program can double your results. If you are physically able to exercise, Johnnie will design a program that fits your unique body-type based on your current age, weight, current physical condition, exercise experience, and so on. Whether you want to exercise at home or in the gym it don't matter because Johnnie will design your program based on your preferences.

Johnnie will make changes to your exercise program as needed so you never reach a plateau. This ensures continuous results week after week.

*Your program will include detailed photos and videos of how to perform each exercise.

Personal Journals and Progress Tracking Charts so you can keep track of your progress.

Johnnie has extensive experience helping people with medical ailments. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, IBS, etc., Johnnie will include special instructions in your program so you can improve or even reverse all symptoms so you are able to lead a healthy life. Johnnie is not a physician, however, with proper diet & nutrition, exercise, and all natural supplementation his past experiences with thousands of clients have yielded positive results.

If you're like a lot of people we know your time is limited. That's why Johnnie also includes detailed instructions that show you what, when, and how to eat when out at restaurants so you can see optimal results without following a strict diet.

Since 1997 Johnnie has a proven success rate with helping over 15,000 men and women achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals directly over the internet.

You will receive your very own private webpage that contains a unique username and password so you can gain access to your professionally designed program directly over the internet anytime your time allows (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) for as long as you are following the program.

There will be an online appointment book so you can make weekly scheduled chat sessions that's convenient for you. This allows LIVE "1 on 1" communication with Johnnie using video technology or a text chat room so you and Johnnie can privately discuss your progress and any other questions or concerns you may have while following the program.

How it Works

Since Johnnie's time is limited and because he wants to provide the best possible "1 on 1" service he only consults with a limited number of clients per month. He personally selects his clients based on the severity of help that is needed. If you are truly interested in a one of a kind service from a professional that cares about his clients then Johnnie's program is for you. Yes, every person is important! However, because Johnnie's service is in very high demand he is very selective on who he will design programs for.

NOTE: This is a professional "1 on 1" service and NOT a generic diet or exercise program. Serious inquiries only please.

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